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Special thank you to Professor Keith Aoki of the University of Oregon School of Law

Patent & Trademark Ownership — U.S. Government Resources

The Copyright Statute

Other Copyright Resources on the Internet

International Copyright Resources

Partisan Organizations with Copyright Agendas

International Resources

  • Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property

  • General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), including Annex 1C: Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs)

  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

  • Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre at St. Peter's College - Homepage

Law School Offerings

  • Brooklyn Law School: Internet Law (Prof. Paul Schwartz)

  • Chapman University: Internet Law (Prof. Tom Bell)

  • Duke Law School: Professor James Boyle

  • Edinburgh University: I.T. & Law (co-instructors Lilian Edwards and Charlotte Waelde)

  • Fordham University: Information Technology, Internet and Law (Prof. Joel Reidenberg)

  • George Washington University: Law of Cyberspace (Prof. Dawn Nunziato)

  • Georgia State University: Law and the Internet (Prof. Patrick Wiseman)

  • Georgetown University Law Center:

  • Harvard Law School: Berkman Center for Internet & Society:

  • John Marshall Law School:

    • Cyberspace Law (Prof. David Sorkin)

  • Lewis & Clark College Northwestern School of Law:

  • New York University:

    • Information Law and Policy in the Digital Environment (Prof. Yochai Benkler)

    • Colloquium on Innovation Policy: Remapping Intellectual Property Law for a Changing Business Environment (Profs. Rochelle Dreyfuss and Jessica Litman)

  • Rutgers University Law School (Camden) Cyberlaw: Fall / Spring (Visiting Asst. Prof. Rod Dixon)

  • Santa Clara University: Cyberspace Law (Prof. Eric Goldman)

  • Seattle University: Internet Law (Prof. Margaret Chon)

  • Stanford Law School:

  • Stetson University Prof. Peter Fitzgerald

  • Temple University Law of Cyberspace Seminar (Prof. David Post)

  • University of California-Berkeley:

    • Cyberlaw (Prof. Pamela Samuelson - School of Information Management and Systems)

    • Introduction to Intellectual Property (Prof. Mark Lemley)

  • University of California-Los Angeles: Communications Law & Policy (Prof. Jerry Kang)

  • UCLA Online Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy

  • University of Iowa: Cyberspace Law Seminar (Nicholas Johnson)

  • University of Kansas: Topics in the Law of Cyberspace (Prof. Kim Dayton)

  • University of Montreal: (Prof. Ejan Mackaay)

  • University of New South Wales: Cyberspace law (Prof. Graham Greenleaf)

  • University of Texas: Intellectual Property in Cyberspace (Prof. Tony Reese)

Other Related (Non-Law) Courses


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